Tuesday 9 June 2015

A small step for Dancer, a giant leap for web development

Web Development Course Update

Dancer2 has undergone major changes in the last 18 months since Geekuni's Web Development Version 1 was released.

Four months ago I had the good fortune of working with Sawyer X a core developer and release manager of Dancer2. Booking.com commissioned him to assess Geekuni's Perl Essentials course to make sure that it is an appropriate training resource for their many recruits who come from a non-Perl background. It received his stamp of approval.

In preparation for his world tour Dancer2 class at the various YAPCs and Perl Workshops this year Sawyer has taken Geekuni's Web Development course as a resource for people wanting to continue their Dancer2 training. In preparation, he has helped bring the course up-to-date to account for the following changes:

From the student's viewpoint of implementing their project, these changes are just a bit of detail. However, as a result of these changes we were able to take a big leap in Version 2 of the course introducing the use of middleware which will be another 'Wow!' moment for people learning Dancer2.

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